About JG Environmental Technology

JG Environmental Technology was founded in 2006, undertook its IPO in November 2018 (stock symbol: 6723), and registered for Emerging Stock Market on December 26, 2018. Our main businesses are “the design, manufacture, and installation of air pollution prevention systems and energy/resource recovery equipment thereof”. Offering “total air solutions” that combine air purification and energy saving, we serve the high-tech electronic industries, the synthetic PU leather industry, the coating/printing industries, the chemical industry,… and so on by integrating and providing the professional services they need in air-side air purification, deodorization, smog removal, solvent recovery, and energy saving. While our headquarters and production plant are located in Longtan District, Taoyuan, we have offices in Taichung (Wuri District) and Tainan (Shanhua District) as well. We have also established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China.

JG’s scope of business encompasses: volatile organic compound (VOC)-containing gas treatment systems, equipment to recover organic solvent from waste gas, deodorization equipment for low-threshold gaseous molecular contamination, inorganic acidic/alkaline gas and toxic gas treatment systems, airborne molecular contamination (AMC) treatment equipment, thermal oxidizers for waste gas, energy saving equipment, the design and integration of automatic system control, and total maintenance solutions (TMS) for the plant operation system of high-tech plants. Driven by the pursuit of innovation and the spirit of research, we aim to provide satisfaction-guaranteed “total air solutions”.

Summary of corporate information:
1. Paid-in capital: TWD205,000,000.

2. Number of staff: 81.  
(Distribution of academic qualifications: PhD x2; master degree x3; patent attorney (passing the Civil Service Senior Examination) x1; refrigeration and air conditioning installation and repair professional engineer (passing the Civil Service Senior Examination) x1 (with the highest score of the year); environmental engineer (passing the Civil Service Senior Examination) x1 (with the second highest score of the year); LEEDTMAP x1; other professionals, by the dozen)

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